Strong Women

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Queen EstherI have always loved strong women. Growing up I was obsessed with Joan of Arc, my favorite Disney was Mulan, and I cannot tell you how many college papers I wrote on warrior Goddess Athena or the stalwart Penelope in the Odyssey.

Yet it has seemed that lately I have noticed more and more women who are just worn. They are worn out by life, stressed by expectations, trodden by low self esteem- essentially a woman understands it is hard to be a woman.

I have a firm belief that all women are powerful, mighty warriors even if they are not wielding a weapon. They all fight the lions of injustice and wickedness in one way or another. For my latest book I am doing some serious reflections, research and study as to how a woman finds her inner power so to speak. I have in the past, looked at Proverbs 31 as the ideal power woman…pretty much she runs everything and is in total control-so not me. Woman try to be perfect in everything they do and then berate themselves when they are not perfect in all things.

While contemplating how to be a service oriented, fulfilled woman, without feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed I realized that it does not matter what a woman thinks of herself, or what others think of her. It matters what Christ thinks of you Christ thinks each woman is worth dying for, he thinks each one is worth living for and saving. If women saw themselves as Christ sees them, if they knew their divine nature and relationship with God, I feel there would be more women strutting whether in high heels or loafers. Women would laugh more, flip their hair more, smile despite the wrinkles, and speak their opinion without shame.

As I said before, every woman is strong and beautiful. Christ knows it and he can help us know it as well.