5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Everyone has those moments when it seems their creative juices are all dried up. The reasons for this vary: boredom, apathy, stress, business, etc. So what do you do when your creative juices aren’t flowing? Here are my top 5 ways to break a creative drought:

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Do something completely out of your comfort zone with regard to creativity. If you usually suck at drawing, then try drawing even though you know perfectly well that it may end in tears. This creative effort on unfamiliar ground will help loosen up your mind. If you are a musician try writing poetry and so on. Do something that is not in your spectrum of talent or within your comfort zone.

2. Read!

There is a reason why sadistic tyrants and dictators burn, ban and outlaw books –because they spark ideas. Take a week and just read. It can be philosophy, dry textbooks, romance, or mystery; whatever strikes your fancy. Put away the paints, music, or crafts; instead put your feet up and nourish your mind with books.

3. Get out into nature

I am a firm believer that nature stirs the imagination. Somehow being enclosed in clear air, the scent of ancient trees or the deafening rush of rivers overfilled from newly fallen rains, subdues stress and cleans out the dusty cupboards in our mind. In a time where being busy is not only mandatory but applauded and promoted, it is easy to get so stuffed with errands, projects, and work that our creative outlets get shoved in the corner. Even worse, they become just another project which equates to stress and BOOM –welcome to mental overload. Take a day or two and get outside. It does not have to be the Appalachians or a cloudy beach, a park will do–just get out in nature.

4. Meditate

Not to go all yogi, but meditation really does work. Take some time at your desk, room, wherever you can and try emptying your mind for a few moments with deep breaths. There are so many places to find instructions on how to meditate. Meditation not only is good for health, but it is a powerful tool to creativity.

5. Pray

Pray!!! The ultimate creator is God. I know that God is thoroughly invested in our creativity because it is important to Him. Arts in all their forms can bring people closer to the divine; go to God and ask for direction. It may not come right away, but it will come.


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