Dress Up

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“What’s up with the braids?” My eldest sister asks “You going for the boho look or the Heidi look” Sadly I was going for neither. Although the boho look is very big here in Cali, and I love the book Heidi, I was actually dressing up as a character forging in my head. She is Hispanic with […]


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      Rodeos are the hot spot for alpha male inspiration. Despite the heat, my sister and I took our kids and attended a true California Rodeo. I must say that the smell of fajitas, onion rings, greasy carnitas, and chili cheese fries was enough to make one’s knees weak with hunger. Well after […]

Strong Women

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I have always loved strong women. Growing up I was obsessed with Joan of Arc, my favorite Disney was Mulan, and I cannot tell you how many college papers I wrote on warrior Goddess Athena or the stalwart Penelope in the Odyssey. Yet it has seemed that lately I have noticed more and more women […]